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Body Bands

41-Inch Loop Band Beginner Set

$29.95 $44.95
  • Body Bands 41-inch Loop Band BEGINNER SET. This Set includes the RED 1/2-inch, BLACK 3/4-inch and PURPLE 1 1/8-inch Wide Bands (3 Bands total).
  • Loop Resistance Bands levels are: Red 1/2" Width: 10 to 35 Pounds of Resistance | Black 3/4" Width: 30 to 50 Pounds of Resistance | Purple 1 1/8" Width: 40 to 80 Pounds of Resistance.
  • This a Great Set for Beginners to use for Strength Training, Pull Up Assistance, Resistance Training, Isometric Training and Cross Training Programs such as P90X & CrossFit.
  • Each Assisted Pull Up Band has a 41" Lay Flat Length and has 82" Circular Circumference.
  • Band is made from a continuous layer process for strength and durability.
  • Ideal for use by fitness professionals, teams, or serious workout enthusiasts.

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